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Graduation Dates and Deadlines

The Commencement ceremony is held at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters according to the dates posted on the academic calendar. Those who complete degree requirements during the fall semesters participate in the December Commencement ceremonies. Those who complete degree requirements during the spring semester participate in the May Commencement ceremonies. August degree recipients participate in the December ceremony that follows the conclusion of the summer terms.

Once we receive your application for graduation, you will receive correspondence from us about the status of your application.  We will email the audit letter and all subsequent correspondence to you at your Cardinal email account. You must use this account regardless of whether or not this is your preferred email account.  We encourage you to check this account frequently after you receive the original audit letter from us, particularly during your final semester.   We will provide you with information you need pertaining to graduation and we will request from you information we need to award your degree, all through your UIW email account.  

Graduation Application Deadlines

Apply on time to avoid the late fees! Additionally, the date you apply to graduate determines the number of tickets you will receive for your guests to attend the Commencement ceremony. Apply by the deadline to receive the maximum number of tickets.

Select the link below for the date that you will graduate to view the deadlines associated with that ceremony.

December 2011 Graduation Deadlines--See Below
May 2012 Graduation Deadlines
August 2012 Graduation Deadlines
December 2012 Graduation Deadlines

For dates and deadlines related to future graduation periods and Commencement ceremonies, refer to the Academic Calendar Link from the Registrar's Office web page.

December 2011 Commencement information will be provided in an information packet sent in Mid-October. Check your UIW e-mail.

You will receive information about Commencement and graduation at the start of the spring semester. It is critical that you return the forms sent to you to ensure that seating and tickets are reserved for you. Please keep your address updated with the University so that you receive information about Commencement.

Dates and Deadlines for December 2011 Graduation

August 27

$150 Administrative Fee assessed for late applications

NOTE: applications for graduation may be accepted, on a case by case basis, after the August 27th deadline. However, tickets will have been allocated at that point, based upon those who applied to graduate by the posted deadline, and additional tickets will not be available for further distribution.

So, although you may be able to graduate and may participate in the ceremonies, we cannot guarantee that you will receive tickets for your family to attend the Commencement ceremony.

August 29 Last day to submit transcripts for work completed at other institutions that will apply to a degree at UIW
August 29 Last day to submit final grades for courses from previous semester in which an incomplete grade was assigned. Grades of IP for Summer 2011 must be completed by December 9th. Master/Doctoral candidates must complete all courses with IP by December 9th.
August 29 Last day to submit CLEP/DANTES scores for credit toward UIW degree
August 29 Last day to change your date of graduation to a later conferral period. Failure to meet this deadline may result in a late application fee.
September 2 Last day to submit Statement of Intent to Graduate form to the Registrar's Office
October 3 Deadline to apply to graduate for May 2012 graduation. Late fee applied.
October 6 Senior Salute. Watch for details in late September .
Mid-October Commencement Information sent by Registrar's Office to candidates to graduate. Check your Cardinal Mail for information.
November 18 Your account balance with the University must be paid in full or you must have made payment arrangements with the Business Office. You will not receive your Commencement tickets or participate in the Commencement ceremonies if your account balance is not clear.
November 30 Graduation Finale, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m., Sky Room in the International Conference Center. Commencement Ticket and Cap and Gown distribution. Your account balance with the University must be clear to receive your tickets. Check your Cardinal Mail for information.
December 9 Last day to submit all final work toward your degree requirements. Grades for courses in which a grade of IP was previously assigned are due on this date.
December 9 & 10 Commencement, beginning with the Bacclaureate Mass. Details provided in Mid-October. Check your Cardinal Mail for information.

Dates and Deadlines for August 2012 Graduation

March 5 Deadline for applying to graduate without a fee for August 2012
May 17 Deadline for apply to graduate with a late fee
May 18 $150 Administrative Fee assessed for late applications for August 2012 Graduation

Other dates and deadlines TBA.

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